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Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Inc.


The Schechter Institute M.A. Program for Israeli educators provides an academic experience not found anywhere else in Israel. Schechter's broad, interdisciplinary M.A. curriculum focuses on developing better educators. The knowledge that students gain at Schechter has an immediate impact on their work in the classroom and other educational frameworks - improving Israeli education.
The Schechter Rabbinical Seminary, affiliated with the Masorti/Conservative Movement in Israel and with the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, is revolutionizing the role of the rabbi in Israeli society. Young men and women, whose serious Jewish scholarship is fused with a deep dedication to social action and respect for the diversity of spiritual expression, are providing a model for tolerant, inclusive and passionate Jewish commitment needed by Israel's non-Orthodox majority.
Midreshet Yerushalayim
Bringing a renaissance in Jewish life to Russian-speaking Jews in Israel and Eastern Europe