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Public Policy and Social Action Resources for Congregations

Commission on Social Justice and Public Policy
The Conservative Movement has established a Commission on Social Justice and Public Policy chaired by Rabbi Leonard Gordon (lgordon613@aol.com) which will coordinate and enhance the response of the Conservative movement to the pressing social issues of our times. The purpose of the commission will be:
  • to gather and disseminate information about work currently being undertaken by rabbinic and lay leadership both inside and outside of movement institutions. 
  • to select and propose projects for movement wide implementation. 
  • to serve as a central address for outside organizations seeking to engage in partnerships. 
  • to create and disseminate background documents and statements of policy to help guide movement activities.  

To assist synagogue committees in developing programs in their congregations, the USCJ Commission on Social Action & Public Policy publishes a series of information packets and pamphlets on timely issues, including Jewish sources on each subject.

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