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Educational Programs
Solomon Schechter Day School Association (SSDSA)
provides services, resources, professional development, leadership training and support to its affiliated schools and their professional and lay leaders throughout North America. The organization promotes collaboration among its member schools and fosters development of curriculum, materials, and methods for acquiring knowledge of the spiritual and ethical values of Judaism, the traditions of Judaism, the skills of Jewish living, and the performance of mitzvoth. It is supported professionally by the Department of Education of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
212- 533-7800
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Ramah Camping Movement
The current mission of Ramah is to create educating communities in which people learn to live committed Jewish lives, embodying the ideals of Conservative Judaism. Out of such communities, Ramah continues to “raise up” committed volunteer and professional leadership for the Conservative Movement and contemporary Jewry.
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Nativ Program
United Synagogue’s Nativ program offers recent high school graduates a year of study or community service work in Jerusalem or Europe before attending college. During the first semester, which is always in Jerusalem, they stay at United Synagogue’s Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center.
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United Synagogue Resources
United Synagogue’s department of education serves Conservative synagogue schools and Solomon Schechter day schools.
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We serve synagogue schools and early childhood programs by:
  • Supporting the professional growth of their education directors
  • Creating the Framework for Excellence program
  • Providing curricula and materials for middle school
  • Providing consultations on curriculum questions
  • Providing professional growth, advocacy, consultation and curriculum development for early childhood programs
  • Guiding congregations in their search for a director of education or early childhood director
We serve Solomon Schechter day schools by:
  • Developing the MaToK Torah curriculum and workshops for teaching Torah
  • Providing consultations through school visits on teaching tefillah, issues relating to school governance, leadership, policy implementation, recruitment, and marketing
  • Linking Schechter schools through 9 listserves and the SSDSA.org website
  • Providing professional growth, advocacy, consultation and curriculum development for early childhood programs
  • Guiding Schechter schools in their search for a head of school and mid-level professionals 
  • Supporting them in their pursuit of excellence in both general and Jewish studies