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Serving Congregations and Day Schools

Cantors Assembly
is dedicated to the preservation of Jewish life, in all its splendor. The transmission of tradition through their roles as educator, cultural architect and religious exemplar is their foremost mission. Through their primary role as prayer leaders, members foster spiritual growth within our communities. Interactive within every arm of the Movement, and across denominational boundaries, they have influenced generations of Jewish adults and children. As one of the pillars of the Seminary, the Cantors Assembly has helped to guide the Conservative/Masorti Movement and is committed to maintaining the highest standards for its sacred calling. It is the largest organization of its kind in the world.
212-678-8834 – www.cantors.org  

Jewish Educators Assembly
insures excellence in Jewish education by serving and advancing the commitment and knowledge of all professionals who educate, teach and lead. The Assembly is a professional organization of a broad range of Heads of School, Educational
Administrators and Academics who identify with the Conservative/Masorti Movement. 516-484-9585  www.jewisheducators.org  
Jewish Youth Directors Association (JYDA)
provides conventions and workshops to train Youth Directors and Advisors in group work skills, Judaic knowledge and child development. The organization is dedicated to developing dynamic, creative and diverse programming. It is also committed to raising the consciousness of the general Jewish community to the importance of this profession.
704-944-6816 – www.jyda.org  
North American Association of Synagogue Executives (NAASE)
brings synagogue administrators together to foster the advancement of Conservative/Masorti Judaism, enhance development of their profession and stimulate interest in synagogue administration as a rewarding career. In dynamic partnership with the Movement's other constituent elements, NAASE offers a variety of forums for synagogue executives to share their ideas and methodologies. The organization mentors the initiate while mining the skills of the experienced, and encourages all congregational executives to partner in shaping a vital Jewish community based within the evolving Conservative synagogue.
212-533-7800 Ext.2609 or 631-732-9461 – www.naase.org  
Rabbinical Assembly
promotes the cause of Conservative/Masorti Judaism and works unceasingly to benefit Klal Yisrael. As the international association of Conservative rabbis, the Assembly publishes learned texts, prayer books and works of Jewish interest. It also administers the work of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards for the Conservative/Masorti Movement. Members of the Assembly serve throughout the world, in congregations, as educators, hospital and military chaplains, teachers of Judaica, and officers of communal service organizations.
212-280-6000 – www.rabbinicalassembly.org  
Solomon Schechter Day School Association (SSDSA)
provides services, resources, professional development, leadership training and support to its affiliated schools and their professional and lay leaders throughout North America. The organization promotes collaboration among its member schools and fosters development of curriculum, materials, and methods for acquiring knowledge of the spiritual and ethical values of Judaism, the traditions of Judaism, the skills of Jewish living, and the performance of mitzvoth. It is supported professionally by the Department of Education of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
212- 533-7800 - www.ssdsa.org