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Books of the Conservative Movement
Many branches of the Conservative movement provide a rich and wonderful resource of scholarly and contemporary publications
In the autumn of 2007, Women's League, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs -- the organizations which are at the very heart of the Conservative movement -- began publishing a new joint quarterly magazine. The mission of CJ: Voices of Conservative/Masorti Judaism is to enlighten and educate its readers while engaging members on issues that affect us as North American Conservative Jews. Our hope is that readers will find in these pages, as they did in Outlook, the inspiration to live lives increasingly filled with Jewish observance, Jewish learning and commitment to klal Yisrael.
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The USCJ Book Service
provides valuable books and materials for home, synagogue, and school libraries.
Women’s League Publications 
WLCJ, the voice of the women of the Conservative Movement, representing its membership at a wide array of national, international, religious, and social action organizations offers outstanding books, teaching guides, workbooks and more on the WLCJ online store.
To enhance Shabbat and holiday observances, the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs offers a series of books and audio materials through their Art of Jewish Living by Dr. Ron Wolfson. The series includes outstanding books, teaching guides, workbooks, and audiotapes designed to teach adults the meanings and skills of Jewish observance in the home. The series is intended to be taught to lay people by lay people.
The goal of the FJMC Hebrew Literacy campaign by Rabbi Noah Golinkin is to help adults quickly develop a proficiency for reading the prayer book in Hebrew. Since the program was initiated, more than 2,000 novice lay trainers have been enrolled and have taught 100,000 friends and neighbors to read Hebrew and become more fulfilled members of their congregations.
Shalom Aleichem (the Friday night service)
Shalom Aleichem (Teacher's Guide)
Ayn Keloheynu (the Saturday morning service)
Ayn Keloheynu (the Saturday morning service) (Teacher's Guide)
The Rabbinical Assembly publishes an array of books geared for the Conservative Jewish community and beyond. Liturgical works include Siddur Sim Shalom (for Shabbat and Fesivals and for Weekdays); Or Hadash, a commentary on the siddur; a mahzor; Megillat ha-Shoah and Siddur Tishah B'Av. The Torah commentary, Etz Hayim, is an award-winning volume that represents a publishing landmark for the Conservative movement. The RA also publishes a variety of other works, including books geared for prospective converts and people seeking to increase their level of Jewish commitment, responsa of the Law Committee, a haggadah, books that focus on the history of the Conservative movement, pastoral counseling, and various pamphlets.
The Rabbinical Assembly also publishes a variety of liturgical works, including prayerbooks, a prayer book commentary, a mahzor for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, as well as new liturgical works, namely Megillat ha-Shaoh and Siddur Tishah B'Av. The Rabbinical Assembly is continually adding new works to this list, so check back for information about forthcoming volumes. Our award-winning Torah commentary (humash), Etz Hayim, is available in both full size and travel size editions. Our catalog also includes books geared for readers seeking works about basic Judaism and conversion, as well as responsa of the law committee, a best-selling haggadah, reference works, pastoral counseling, and pamphlets All books can be purchased through the United Synagogue Book Service,
Aviv Press, the new imprint of the Rabbinical Assembly, publishes high quality Jewish books that are geared for readers of all faiths and denominations wishing to engage in an intellectually dynamic consideration of Jewish texts and traditional approaches to spirituality. We look forward to your readership as Aviv Press continues to establish itself as a dynamic new enterprise for the Conservative movement and an influential presence in the world of Jewish letters.
Conservative Judaism Journal
Conservative Judaism, sponsored by the Rabbinical Assembly and the Jewish Theological Seminary, publishes articles which express a serious, critical inquiry of Jewish texts and traditions, legacy, and law; further the quest for a Conservative theology and ideology; and explore today's changing Jewish community. Its perspective is worldwide and transcends denominational boundaries. To subscribe to Conservative Judaism, please complete this subscription form and return to Conservative Judaism, 3080 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.
Certificates, Birkat Ha-Mazon, and the Rabbi's Manual can be ordered directly from The United Synagogue Book Service.
The Cantor’s Assembly publishes liturgical music and educational materials and produces many fine cassettes, CDs, and videos